Confirmation Meeting

This is what we will plan to do at the meeting:
--Enjoy dinner together; (I’m thinking tacos might be good…and ice cream for dessert)
--Introduce ourselves to each other;
--Talk about what to expect with Confirmation classes at Maplewood UMC; and
--Look at all of our schedules and plan the best time for confirmation classes and some other special events related to Confirmation.

Please sign up on the church website or app for the confirmation dinner. We want to know how to plan so let us know these things:
1. How many people to expect on Sunday, September 17. (Your siblings are welcome. There will be quiet activities available during the meeting time.)
2. your favorite ice cream topping;
3. if you or a family member who is coming with you have any allergies or food intolerances.
Please remember that this meeting is an introduction/planning meeting. If you cannot make it to the meeting, you are still welcome to be part of Confirmation class. Please sign up on the website anyway and click the box that says you are interested in confirmation but cant’ come to meeting. Also attending the information meeting does not mean you are automatically signing up for confirmation.

1. Yourself and any questions you might have about confirmation;
2. Your Mom and/or Dad, or another Adult who will support you while you take part in confirmation;
3. Your sports and school schedules so we can plan; and
4. Any information you have from friends or family members about what Confirmation class is like;
5. Any friends who are in 7th or 8th grade, or older if they are interested in learning more about Confirmation.