New members make commitments to the life and work of the church during the worship service.

What Membership at Maplewood UMC Means

Many people attend Maplewood United Methodist church regularly without becoming members and are a vital part of the work and life of the church. Others want to make a more formal commitment to the church. We are a diverse group of seekers and welcome all who want to be a part of our community.
When a desire to become a member takes shape, people  meet with the Pastor Kim Shirar to discuss what becoming a member means. Kim also teaches “Methodism 101” classes regularly to help folks get a sense of what being a United Methodist is all about.

At Maplewood United Methodist Church we hope members will:
Attend worship regularly.
Participate in a small group study each year.
Participate in at least one service project each year.
Move, over time, towards tithing.

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