Small group studies are one way in which we grow in our faith at Maplewood UMC.

This coming fall beginning in mid-September we are excited to begin a “basics” class during which participants will have the opportunity to learn about the basic Christian beliefs and how they are understood and expressed in the United Methodist Church and in the Maplewood UMC congregation. Everyone is welcome no matter how much experience you have had with the Christian faith or the church.

Also, in mid-October there will be the opportunity for discussion of the two things (according to some people) we are “never” supposed to talk about in polite company: religion and politics! Over the past several decades partisan politics has become part of the teaching and preaching among many of the churches in our country. This creates unnecessary divisions and may divert our attention from the meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The book, “Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Church Divide” will be used as a resource for these conversations. We hope to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between faith and politics and how we can proceed in a spirit of understanding, love, and civility.

If you would like more information about these two small group opportunities please email Pastor Kim (