What a GREAT DAY for MUMC. Joining other United Methodists on this special day of service,  MUMC had a variety of activities. A 6 member cooking crew mixed up eight casseroles for Shalom House.  Another 17 folks worked with several off-duty firemen on a home in need in the community. They scraped, painted, worked at repairing a deck, hauled off trash and helped with household cleaning tasks. Another crew of 7 folks worked in our Second Time Around Shop. Four more team members worked at L’Arche washing windows and did general cleaning tasks. Another 25 workers set-up a Lawn Party sharing 100 hot dogs, 90 bags of chips, numerous cups of lemonade, and 90 snow cones to our work crews and members of the community. During the lawn party 92 bags of rice and 92 bags of beans that were put together for Kingdom House. An APA van, with several of their volunteers, came and three kittens were adopted. The fire truck and ambulance came and gave away fire hats and information. We are looking forward to our final SERVE 2013 event, helping with the Mosaic Run on September 21st!