Karen Raborn, who attends MUMC has founded a school in Solwezi, Zambia, Africa. Kwasha-Kids was designed to educate young girls between 1st and 4th grades and they expected about 40 students. The first day of school over 200 children, boys and girls, showed up at school and they just couldn’t turn the students away. The school is needed in this area because the nearest school is over a mile away and these children are too young to walk that far.

school suppliesMUMC Administrative  Council designated $660 to be given for materials needed to finish the school. In addition to financial help there are other needs too: school supplies (pencils, notebooks, paper, school bags, etc.). Soon the school supplies will be going on sale here at home and there will be a collection box for Maplewood UMC to collect these supplies. Now, you might ask, “why can’t we just send money for them to buy supplies there?” There are NO supplies there to buy. Maplewood will be partnering with the Presbyterian Church in Kirkwood, who will be sending supplies to the school in September. We will just add our supplies to their shipment and help with the cost of sending it. So watch the ads and pick up some of the supplies for school that will be so inexpensive before school starts and bring them to church.

Here is the list of needed supplies: Supplies for Kwasha Kids
1. Pencils
2. Pens
3. Colored Pencils
4. Erasers
5. Pencil sharpeners…Hand held or crank operated. (Please no battery-powered or electric sharpeners.)
6. Composition books—Spiral notebooks work well.
7. First Grade Writing Tablets with dotted midline.
8. Crayons–with the same diameter as a pencil works well so they can be sharpened. 9. Markers (A few markers are needed.)
10. Socks, 5 years to 10 years old (boys and girls)
11. Childrens underwear , 5 years to 10 years (boys and girls ).
12. Small English language dictionaries. Children’s dictionaries and used dictionaries that are in good condition are welcome.

If you have questions, please call Karen Raborn at 314-856-8475