There is a mission opportunity available for Adults and older youth… in FREMONT MO: A SMALL TOWN IN DIRE NEED of assistance with FLOOD DAMAGE RECOVERY Fremont is located 10 miles west of Van Buren on Hwy 60. A flash flood from 9 inches of rain has damaged many of the homes in this small rural community. The MO UMC Disaster Relief Fund is contributing financing for supplies and materials to rebuild, butVOLUNTEERS are needed to help in recovery. Several survivors are elderly, cannot afford to rebuild, and have no flood insurance. They simply lost everything. Helpers are wanted between now and September 1. If you are interested in this mission opportunity, please call the church office at 314-781-5902 to know what days would work for you to go to Fremont. Shay Blackwell will let you know if we are able to assemble a team or join a team from another UMC.