Kim Shirar, Pastor

Kim Shirar, Pastor
Kim has been pastor at Maplewood United Methodist Church for four years. She formerly served at Salem United Methodist Church in Ladue as an associate pastor. Kim has a caring spirit, a questioning mind and a passion for ministry. Her sermons are thought provoking, challenging and loving. Kim has an amazing gift for connecting with newcomers, children and adults. Her work with those who are struggling is a real service to the congregation and the  community.  Kim, husband Steve and children Mike, Ben, Jenny and Chris are a joy to have as a part of our congregation.


Amy Cordeal


Amy Cordeal, Music Director

She has been bringing beautiful music to MUMC for over

20 years, using a rich variety of music and styles; in

coordination with the Choir Director, she selects soloists  

and instrumentalists.  In addition to her organ, piano

 or flute selections on Sunday, she directs and plays with the

praise band.  For special services, Amy directs the Children’s

Choir.  Amy’s leadership continues to make music a lively and

vital part of life at MUMC




Shay Blackwell

Shay Blackwell, Deaconess
Shay has been a member of this congregation since young adulthood.  As a Church & Community Worker & Deaconess, she served as Director of the Child Advocacy Project/Family Center at Kingdom house for many years. Though Shay has always been active in service at MUMC, she was officially appointed to our church as a Deaconess two years ago. Since then she has brought her extensive talents to MUMC in her work at the Second Time Around Shop, her teaching of Anger Work & Parent Talk classes, Safe Sanctuary training for MUMC, and directing mission and outreach to those in need.


Sally Noel


Sally Noel, Church Secretary
Sally has been the secretary at MUMC for over ten years. Sally’s good humor and graciousness are infectious. She handles a multitude of tasks with ease and competence and is never too busy to take on a new responsibility.




Mike Plonka, in action!

Mike Plonka, Church Custodian

Mike has been custodian at MUMC for over ten years. Mike is also a beloved member of the congregation and contributes to the church in many ways, whether it be in small groups or outreach and service. Mike’s caring and listening ability are greatly appreciated.