Pastor Kim Shirar’s messages each week are relevant and thought provoking. Kim asks questions which help us to know ourselves and to know God a little better week by week.

Here is what is coming up:

February 17 “Greatest Expectations”

February 24—“Entrance Exams” The Beginning of Jesus’ ministry

March 3— “Jesus the Healer—We Have Seen Strange Things Today!”

March 10—“Living In Grace” The teachings of Jesus

March 17—“Clean House” Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem

March 24–Palm Sunday Sermon title “Holy Week?” The arrest and Crucifixion of Jesus

March 31—Easter! “Not an Idle Tale” Jesus is risen!

April 7 — Easter, part Two–”Weren’t Our Hearts Burning Within Us?”

SERMON SERIES: “Why?” Based on the the book written by Adam Hamilton.

WHY? Why does God allow tragedy and suffering to exist? Why are my prayers not answered? Why does God sometimes seem so distant and uninvolved? Does God have my whole life planned out for me? Do my decisions make a difference? Why should I trust God, when nothing seems to make sense?


We all wrestle with these questions. When we go through tough times—or unexpected joy—it’s natural to wonder how (or if ) God’s will is at work in our world. Even people who are deeply committed to their faith struggle to answer and re-answer these perplexing questions. This four-week sermon series based upon Adam Hamilton’s book “Why?” will address some of the hard-to-answer questions about our faith.

April 14—Why? “Why Do the Innocent Suffer? ”

April 21—Why? “Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?”

April 28—Why? “Why Can’t I See God’s Will for My Life?”

May 5—Why? “Why God’s Love Prevails”