The MUMC Nursery provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for infants through 1st graders on Sunday mornings

Sunday School 9:45-10:45

Worship Service 11:00-end of Service

Our nursery staff workers are available to care for your children during Sunday School and church service each week. To ensure the safety of all of the children please follow the guidelines set forth in this pamphlet when dropping your children off at the nursery.

  1. When you decide it’s time for your child(ren) to go to the nursery please walk them there and sign them in on the sheet provided.
  2. If your child has any allergies or there is other important information the staff should be aware of please indicate so on the sign-in sheet.
  3. Children will not be allowed to leave the nursery unless an adult comes to sign them out.
  4. In case of an emergency, etc. a nursery staff member will come get you from the church service.
  5. The nursery staff will escort children to the Children’s Sermon during church. You can indicate whether you want your child to participate in this or not on the sheet when you sign-in
  6. At the conclusion of the church service sign your child out from the nursery.

Our Nursery Staff

  • Assist Sunday School Teachers with activities and lessons beginning at 9:45 A.M.
  • Provide support and assistance to parents when they arrive.
  • Ensure children are properly signed in and out of the nursery by their parent/guardian.
  • Maintain a safe environment based on standards set by the Safe Sanctuary Guidelines.
  • Escort the children to and from the sanctuary for children’s time with the pastor.
  • Engage the children in activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving appropriate to the developmental levels of the children.

Maplewood United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary church. Folks who work with children, youth and vulnerable adults take training designed to assure that MUMC provides a safe and secure environment.