“Mouths of Babes” Cooking Class is underway.  A small group of women from Maplewood UMC is assisting with a cooking class offered for young mothers. The class is led by Parents as TeachersParents as Teachers Educator, Melanie West. The mothers gather after school with their children in the teen kitchen at the high school, and work together to make several freezer meals to take home for their families for that month. As they cook together they learn more about food preparation and nutrition and share ideas with each other about raising their children (who, by the way, are very cute!)  If you want more information about how to support Mouths of Babes, please contact Pastor Kim at 314-781-5902. In fact, you are already supporting “Mouths of Babes” by sharing food the first Sunday of the month for the MRH food pantry which supplies some of the groceries used for making the meals.