Feed and be FedEach month on Communion Sunday, Maplewood United Methodist Church supports the Weekend on Wheels program sponsored by the MRH School District.  Remember to bring non-perishable food items to share with families who need a little help on the weekends when the school provided breakfasts and lunches are not available.

Items Needed Are: Ramen Noodles-all flavors, Tuna and Chicken Helper, canned tuna and chicken, canned corn and green beans, canned pineapple, peaches, fruit coctail, fresh apples, bananas, oranges, fruit snacks, Mac n Cheese, Boxed mashed, au gratin and hash brown potatoes, family packs of Oreos, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, pancake mixwater brand, peanut butter, jelly and bread, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and instant oatmeal cereal, Snack items-Cheezits, pretzels, Wheat Thins, popcorn, tortilla chips and dip, bagels, fruit juice, Special K Bars, Granola Bars, Spaghetti and sauce, canned soup including the chunky variety, chili, beef stew, chicken n dumplings, string cheese and Lipton or other brands of flavored rice and noodle packets.