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Adult Sunday School Summer Book Series

The adult class kicked off the summer by discussing this notion: How are we, or how can we be, stewards of our pain? Have any of us thought about pain in that way? This intriguing idea comes from Frederick Buechner’s book, A Crazy, Holy Grace in which he shares that he was once told that he was a good steward of his pain. In this book Buechner explores how there’s healing power in pain, in the magic of memory, and especially in God’s grace that is always available to us. Join us as we become fellow-explorers with Buechner.


Thinking that maybe you’ve got too much going on for a study? Just can’t put one more thing on the calendar? Even so, you might want to make room for our next book discussion – Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO to the CULTURE OF NOW, by Walter Brueggemann. Brueggemann contends that Sabbath is not simply all about following a set of rules (like, no card playing!). Rather he sees Sabbath as both resistance and an alternative to our busy, 24/7, consumer-driven society. This could be the breather you’re looking for.

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