Sunday School Update
Children’s Sunday School will be offered online for the next few months due to the rise in COVID cases, particularly in young people.
Here are the basics for the plan:
1. Each child can pick up or have delivered an activity bag containing supplies and instructions for activities that accompany each week’s Sunday’s lesson. You will be able to sign up to receive bags at the concert or online and by clicking the link below:
2. The children have two options for participating in online Sunday school.
Option 1. Attend 9:45 Sunday school via Zoom. After the children watch the prerecorded video lesson together they will enter Zoom breakout rooms according to their age for further learning activities, led by Safe Gatherings certified adults. The activities in the bags might be done in the breakout rooms on Sunday or will remain available for a later time.
Option 2. At a time that works well for your schedule, access the pre-recorded video lesson from the MUMC Facebook and follow-up with the activities that are available for that week.