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February 23 is “Adopt-an Apportionment Sunday”

apportionemtnsOur Adopt-an-Apportionment campaign will be held on Sunday, February 23rd during worship. This has become an annual “tradition” of second-mile giving at MUMC. Our Conference apportionments and Vital Ministries total $19,136.00 for 2014. By paying our apportionments, we are able to join with other churches to support important programs of the Conference, as well as mission and ministries that are local, national, and international. We hope that you will prayerfully consider “adopting” an apportionment during this campaign. There are a variety of amounts as well as ministry areas that will be available. Payments on pledges can be made any time throughout the year. The continued generosity and support in this congregation is a strong witness to the growing faith and faith journeys of our people

Here are some of the examples of how apportionments work.

This fund is the heart of our denomination-wide ministry, underwriting Christian mission and ministry worldwide. It supports all boards and agencies and: • strengthens evangelism efforts • stimulates church growth • expands Bible studies, and • enriches spiritual commitment.
The United Methodist Church has 13 seminaries to train clergy. This fund provides assistance to those who are in seminary. A portion of the fund is used by the Board of Ordained Ministry for working with those preparing for ministry and for continuing education and other pastoral support for current clergy.
Bishops serve the annual conferences and provide leadership to the entire denomination. This fund supports salaries, benefits and expenses. It is apportioned to the Missouri Conference from the General Conference. Bishops are an important connection among the annual conferences, central conferences, the general church and the world.
United Methodism supports 10 black colleges and a nited Methodism supports 10 black colleges and a medical school that maintain an ongoing relationship with the denomination. It helps to provide well- equipped buildings, solid academic programs, strong faculties a nurturing environment to encourage students in each new generation and to affirm and celebrate African-American heritage and culture.
This fund helps support educational opportunities for pastors, Conference Leadership Development Committee, Lay Missioner Training and Learning and Leadership.
The fund helps the Ordained Ministry Team with Pastoral Counseling, processing new pastors and Student Aid.
This fund helps with the Global Connections Team, Office of Creative Ministries, Mozambique Initiative, Social Justice Team and the Values Team.
This fund is comprised of Camping & Retreat Ministries, Central Methodist University, Youth Council, Communications Commission, Safe Sanctuaries, Conference Staff and Congregational Ministries Team.


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